TVO objects to France’s Areva plans: « Would jeopardise Olkiluoto »

The Board Chairman of Teollisuuden Voima, Lauri Virkkunen, is concerned over EDF’s plans to take responsibility over Areva’s nuclear reactor business without the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant project. EDF is to announce its plans on Wednesday. According to Virkkunen, merging EDF and Areva’s nuclear reactor business without Olkiluoto would separate the construction agreement and the funds needed for it. « If responsibilities in the project become more complicated, the completion of the project could be at risk. » Virkkunen compares the project to a marriage from which you cannot divorce. It is important that both parties understand this. Olkiluoto 3 is nine years late and it has cost billions more than planned. Teollisuuden Voima demands billions in compensation from Areva for the delay.

Media:  Talouselämä, Taloussanomat, YLE Teksti-tv, YLE Uutiset

Date: 26.1.2016

Journalist: –

Main source: Lauri Virkkunen, Board Chairman at Teollisuuden Voima

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