Timo Soini in Birmingham: Missile scandal does not impair Finland’s reputation – “we did the right thing”


Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini attended a party convention by the British Conservative Party in Birmingham and commented on the MH17 missile scandal. Mr Soini says that Finland did the right thing by aiding the Dutch investigation and does not believe the incident impaired Finland’s reputation. Mr Soini also commented on Brexit. Mr Soini wishes the British EU exit takes place swiftly. He thinks it is clear that both parties – Britain and the EU member states – will have to make compromises. A good deal with Britain is in the best interests of Finland. He believes Finns will continue to be able to work and study in Britain after Brexit.

Media:  Helsingin Sanomat

Date: 3.10.2016

Journalist: Annamari Sipilä

Main source: Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini

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