President Niinistö: Finland thought investigators would receive missile test data from Holland


President Sauli Niinistö said in press conference on Friday that he was surprised to hear that the international team investigating the MH17 incident were not able to use the data from missile tests in Finland in their report. There are two teams investigating the incident, a Dutch one and an international one, and Finland had only given the Dutch team permission to use the data. According to Mr Niinistö, Finland has received several aid requests from Holland and has had to compare each one to the secrecy conditions of the supply contract of the Buk missile system. The latest request, pertaining to more detailed information about the missile system and the permission to share it with the international investigation team, has not yet been processed. Mr Niinistö says the matter is delicate because it is related to arms trade, not because it is related to Russia.

Media:  Helsingin Sanomat

Date: 30.9.2016

Journalist: Jarno Hartikainen, Jussi Niemeläinen, Sami Sillanpää

Main source: President Sauli Niinistö

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