Timo Soini at SuomiAreena: One cannot bully people

Foreign Minister Timo Soini stated at the SuomiAreena event that the originally positive concept of populism has become negative in modern Finland. According to Soini, populism originally meant to work on behalf of people’s affairs, talk in their language and to care for people. The spreading of racist or fascist content on social media is not populism, or if it is, then the word is ruined. According to Soini, the disintegration of The Finns Party last month is due to the fact that the traditional values ​​of the party did not exist anymore after the Jyväskylä party congress. Soini emphasized the importance of co-operation in policy making.

Media:  Karjalainen
Date: 10.7.2017
Journalist: –
Main source: Timo Soini/ foreign minister

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