Niinistö responded to citizens’ questions: Finland would help Estonia in war situation

President Sauli Niinistö responded to citizens’ questions at Pori’s SuomiAreena event for about an hour on Wednesday. Many citizens were concerned about immigration. Niinistö rejected the idea that immigrants get more support than Finns. He said he understands people’s concern. If a situation like in 2015 would happen again, with tens of thousands of refugees arriving, it would be problematic for Finland’s overall economy. Asked about NATO, Niinistö said this is above all a question of security. He is satisfied that Prime Minister Sipilä did not close the door to Finland’s NATO membership. Niinistö also notes that he does not like to play war games, but that Finland would help Estonia in the event of a war.

Media:  Kainuun Sanomat
Date: 13.7.2017
Journalist: –
Main source: Sauli Niinistö/ Finnish president

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