Mykkänen in Minsk: Finland role model for both opposition and administration in Belarus

Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Kai Mykkänen has discussed the weakened human rights situation in Belarus with both the opposition and the administration during his visit in the country. For example, the situation of the media is now weaker than in a long time. Mr Mykkänen notes that opposition MPs still feel they can act and discuss relatively freely and that the government has sought to discuss solutions even with more critical movements. Mr Mykkänen believes the administration wants to find out early what is causing concern among citizens in order to prevent wide protests. Mr Mykkänen says he wanted to make it clear that human rights violations would not be brushed under the carpet but that they affect the co-operation between the EU and Belarus.

Media:  YLE Uutiset
Date: 13.4.2017
Journalist: Katriina Töyrylä
Main source: Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Kai Mykkänen

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