MTV: Comment: Finland wants to compete for UN top positions – and cuts its UN funding sharply year after year

Mirja Kivimäki’s comment in MTV discusses Finland’s chances of becoming a member of the UN Security Council and getting other top UN seats. The author notes that Finland has cut its funding for various UN Programmes during the last five years and says that the trend can be seen in a number of major programmes such as UN Women, UNDP, the Environment Programme and Unicef. 

According to the author, the cuts reflect on Finland’s position in the UN in two ways. As the programmes and funding shrink, the number of Finnish experts working in these will decrease and Finland will gradually simply not be offering suitable people for top positions. In addition, the author raises the question of how the drop in funding affects Finland’s stature and the willingness of organizations to invest specifically in Finns in key positions. The answer to this is so political that no one can provide a direct one.

Media:  MTV Uutiset
Date: 6.3.2019
Journalist: Mirja Kivimäki
Main source: 

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