More peacekeepers to Afghanistan – task becoming more dangerous

Media report that the previous training tasks for Finnish peacekeepers deployed in Afghanistan have changed to more dangerous security tasks. Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Matti Vanhanen and Chairman of the Defence Committee Ilkka Kanerva say that the withdrawal of Finnish peacekeepers has not been discussed, even though the United States is planning to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

« The main task of the division is to protect the senior military leaders and advisers moving in the country, » says Brigadier General Rami Saari of the Finnish Defence Forces. In practice, protection means, for example, arranging convoys and preventing threats in areas where advisors move. In 2015, the Afghanistan crisis management operation became a support operation where Finnish troops trained the country’s security authorities.

At the turn of February-March, 20 new Finnish peacekeepers started in Afghanistan’s peacekeeping troops. In total, 60 Finns now serve in the country. The majority of the new peacekeepers are reservists, while a few are permanent personnel of the Defence Forces. Parliament decided to increase the number of peacekeepers in Afghanistan last June.

Media:  Lapin Kansa  Pohjalainen  
Date: 7.3.2019
Journalist: Petteri Lindholm
Main source:  

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