Three conditions for Britain’s EU exit: promptness, fairness, and functionality of internal market


Minister for Foreign Trade Kai Mykkänen has delivered to Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström Finland’s three conditions for Britain’s EU exit. Minister Mykkänen would like to see clear conditions so that Britain will not be able to do any cherry-picking. Finland maintains that the exit must be handled quickly, it should be fair with regard to divisions of money and power, and Britain should stay in the internal market so that trade can continue as before. Minister Mykkänen says that countries that are on the EU’s “outer circle” cannot have the same benefits as actual members. This could lead to other countries rethinking their position in the Union.

Media:  Maaseudun Tulevaisuus

Date: 8.9.2016

Journalist: Kaijaleena Runsten

Main source: Minister for Foreign Trade Kai Mykkänen

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