The EU distributes funding – two Finnish firms receive €2.8 million

A round of funding under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has seen a €100-million pot divided between 71 companies. Finland received funding for two companies: Nordic 24/7 Services, which received €1.1 million, and Minima Processor, which received €1.69 million. Nordic 24/7 has developed a new kind of environmentally friendly cooling system for small spaces while Minima Processor has developed technology for reducing the power consumption of microprocessors. The funding is part of the second ‘Innovation project’ phase of funding under the Horizon programme, the purpose of which is to help SMEs bring innovations to market. Support is also available to companies in the form of 12 days of free business coaching.

Media:  Verkkouutiset / Nykypäivä
Date: 10.3.2017
Journalist: Juho Mäki-Lohiluoma
Main source: n/a

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