Study: Finland is not a model student in the EU

Verkkouutiset reports that according to a European Policy Centre (EPC) study: « Finland in the European Union: Frontrunner or follower », Finland is only average in European affairs. Finland makes positive statements about, for example, the internal market but then holds on to many blocks to the free mobility of goods, services, capital, and labour, says senior policy analyst Annika Hedberg.

Finland ranks well in terms of the digital internal market, digital skills, public services, and mobile networks. EPC researcher Paul Ivan said that Finland should intensify its defence and security co-operation with Europe. However, the problem is that, according to Ivan, Finland is not of interest to other EU countries. Finland follows Germany’s defense policy, but Germany does not see Finland as a strategic partner.

Mr Ivan pointed out that in recent years, Finland had become known as a loud defender of the security guarantees offered by the EU. However, the true meaning of the phrase is still unclear. Some 21 of the 28 EU member states belong to NATO. For them, the EU’s own security guarantees will always come after those by NATO.

The article in Kauppalehti mentioned that when it comes to environmental issues, Finland cannot be considered a pioneer. For example, Finland has too narrow a view on environmental issues as it bets on the use of biomas an biofuels. This, according to the think tank, is an example of a narrow-minded policy that focuses on national interests.

Media:  Kauppalehti ,
Date: 13.11.2018
Journalist: Heli Satuli
Main source: n/a

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