Soini while visiting London: New wave of immigrants coming to EU from Libya – and bill to tax payers

According to Foreign Minister Timo Soini, Libya will be the next transit country for immigrants trying to get to Europe since the EU and Turkey have closed the route from Turkey. Libya will need advice on border and police force issues, which is a task more suitable for the EU than for NATO. Mr Soini predicts that Libya and the EU will eventually reach a similar agreement as the EU-Turkey agreement. Mr Soini met with his British counterpart Philip Hammond on Monday, and discussed the situation in Libya as well as the British EU-referendum. Mr Hammond believes the Brits will vote to remain in the EU. If Britain leaves the Union, other member states might consider leaving, too. Mr Soini did not want to estimate, whether Finland should consider holding an EU-referendum if Britain leaves the EU.

Media:  Helsingin Sanomat

Date: 21.3.2016

Journalist: Annamari Sipilä

Main source: Foreign Ministers Timo Soini and Philip Hammond

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