Soini: Orbán’s victory will make Brussels more tense

Finland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini has commented on the election victory of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz party in Hungary.

Minister Soini does not believe that the relations between Hungary and the European Union will significantly change from now on, though Mr Orbán’s immigration views are opposite to those of the EU. PM Orbán has for example rejected the EU’s refugee quotas and praised the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Minister Soini finds that the election result will make Brussels more tense but points out that this is democracy. Nobody has claimed that the elections were not honest, he points out.

Mr Soini adds that there are several parties in Europe that promote similar politics as PM Orbán. He believes that due to this the next European Elections will be quite an interesting show.

Media:  Kaleva
Date: 9.4.2018
Journalist: –
Main source: Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini

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