Price tag of carbon sinks to Finland may be 300 million if EU proposal comes true

Professor Antti Asikainen of the Natural Resources Institute of Finland says Finland will suffer if the European Parliament sides with the proposal of the Parliament’s Environment Committee regarding forest economy. Implementing the Finnish government’s bioeconomy goals would diminish Finland’s carbon sink between 2021 and 2030 to 13 to 21 million tons which would have to compensated through emission cuts in other sectors or through buying emission rights. Mikael Ohlström of the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) says that if carbon sinks can be compensated through emissions trading, Finland may face a bill worth as much as 300 million euros per year.

Media:  Talouselämä
Date: 13.8.2017
Journalist: Matti Kankare
Main source: Antti Asikainen, Professor, Natural Resources Institute of Finland; Mikael Ohlström, EK

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