President: Talks about war have turned dangerous

Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö has been interviewed by Radio Helsinki. He was asked whether a major war seems more possible today than five years ago.

President Niinistö said that the current situation seems incomprehensible. Last autumn, there were news about a possible attack to Baltic States by Russia, in mid-winter a war was supposed to start in Korea and now the talks have shifted to Iran and Israel.

The President finds that the phenomenon is dangerous: the world changes in a minute and along with threats. Words like ballistic missile, nuclear weapon and war are used in everyday life, President Niinistö explained. At the beginning of his first term, there was no speculation over other than regional wars.

He finds there is a contradiction between the fast development of digitalisation, and the fact that the development is towards the better, while in thinking people are taking regressive steps.

Date: 28.5.2018
Journalist: Juha-Pekka Tikka
Main source: President Sauli Niinistö

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