President Niinistö’s message in New Year’s speech: « Finland likes to offer services when there is demand for them »

Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö spoke about various topics in his annual New Year’s speech. In the part that focused on foreign affairs, President Niinistö talked about the major powers, North Korea and climate change. According to President Niinistö, the small Finland has its own place in world politics, and the country likes to offer its services to others when there is demand for them, while the world is spinning around and major powers control world politics. President Niinistö is concerned over the shrinking roles of the European Union and United Nations (UN). Finland supports the initiative to reform the UN, with the aim to increase the effectiveness and responsibility of the organisation, the President said. In his speech, President Niinistö also expressed a wish on stopping climate change and progress of the Paris Climate Agreement. He pointed out that Finland is taking responsibility in the sector. The planet is not only for us, it is for continuity, and that we must guarantee, the President stated.

Media:  Ilta-Sanomat
Date: 1.1.2018
Journalist: Mika Lehto
Main source: President Sauli Niinistö

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