OL3 electricity production will be delayed once again

TVO informed that regular electricity production of the OL3 will be delayed once again. The equipment supplier, nuclear power company Areva informed TVO about an timetable update, and electricity production should commence in May 2019. Jouni Silvennoinen, Director, OL3 project, TVO, said that TVO is very disappointed with the delay and said that all necessary resources must be directed towards the project, adding that any French reorganizing of nuclear power must not endanger this. TVO has filed a complaint with the European Court over the European Commission decision that approved French government subsidies for Areva.

Media:  Helsingin Sanomat (E-edition, PDF)  
Date: 10.10.2017
Journalist: Paavo Teittinen
Main source: Jouni Silvennoinen, Director, OL3 project, TVO

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