MP Pertti Salolainen: Secrecy about missile tests in Finland « extremely frustrating »


MP and Vice President of the Foreign Affairs Committee Pertti Salolainen is extremely frustrated that parliament was not informed about the secret missile tests conducted in Finland. The tests related to the Dutch-led criminal investigation of the incident where a Malaysian jet was shot down in Ukraine in 2014. Salolainen says there have been claims that the missile tests were a sensitive matter because of Russia but states that it would have been better to openly admit that Holland had asked Finland for assistance. PM Juha Sipilä confirmed on Wednesday that the government and President Sauli Niinistö knew about the tests but did not wish to speculate on Russia’s reaction to Finland’s involvement in the matter.

Media:  Helsingin Sanomat (E-edition) 

Date: 29.9.2016

Journalist: Marko Junkkari

Main source: Vice President of the Foreign Affairs Committee Pertti Salolainen, PM Juha Sipilä

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