Minister Soini on Trump-Putin summit

The meeting of Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in July 16 has necessitated fast preparations by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, states Kaleva.

Minister for Foreign Affairss Timo Soini said the task was quite difficult to pull off in a couple of weeks, but that the arrangements had started right away. Mr Soini is confident that the Ministry’s office will do what needs to be done. He said that no temporary external aid will be hired.

The summit will bring the world’s attention to Finland. Thousand of of guests are expected. Mr Soini decline to comment on the figure.

A large number of journalists will be present as well. There has been speculation that thousands may attend. Mr Soini said that « the whole world’s media » will be present at the summit. He sees the summit as a fine acknowledgment of Finland and its reliability.

The exact location of the summit has still not been confirmed, but the options include the Königstedt Manor in Vantaa and the Finlandia Hall. Mr Soini did not confirm the planned location for the summit, but noted that Helsinki had been stated as the location in official newsletters.

Media:  Kaleva
Date: 29.6.2018
Journalist: Anita Simola
Main source:

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