Minister puzzled by Russian customs regulations

According to Demokraatti, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Anne-Mari Virolainen (National Coalition) thinks that Russia’s new customs regulations are « very strange ». Ms Virolainen told Yle that she hoped the Finnish and Russian customs would sort out the situation.

According to a new customs law has come into force in Russia, Finnish citizens are taxed for bringing in more than one non-Russian car per visit. Finnish Customs said on Friday via Twitter that several Finns have already been taxed under the new law.

« If we want tourists to be able to move and trade between our countries, this is certainly not the way to make that easier, » Ms Virolainen said. If the Finnish and Russian Customs offices do not reach a solution to the matter, the Minister said she would step in.

Media:  Demokraatti, YLE
Date: 8.9.2018
Main source:

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