Kai Mykkänen: There is a crisis of political leadership in Europe


Verkkouutiset writes that the Finnish Minister for Foreign Trade Kai Mykkänen is happy about the signing of the CETA trade agreement. However, there is a crisis of political leadership in the EU. Regional parliaments are threatening the progress of the EU, Hungary and Poland are distancing themselves from the basic EU values, no solution is found for the migrant crisis and a large founding member leaves the Union. According to Mr Mykkänen, member state leaders lack ability and desire to develop good solutions and the rise of populism is threatening to paralyse decision-making. The biggest problems are at the national level.

Media:  Verkkouutiset / Nykypäivä

Date: 29.10.2016

Journalist: Siina Ekberg

Main source: Minister for Foreign Trade Kai Mykkänen

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