Juha Sipilä in Brussels: Finland is prepared to pay 35.5 million euro for aiding refugees in Turkey

The European Commission promised Turkey aid of 3 bn euro in order to aid the refugees that are in camps in Turkey. 500 million would come from the EU budget and the rest from the EU member states. Juha Sipilä, Finland’s Prime Minister said that Finland would pay its share, 35.5 million euro. However the payment scheme is up in the air and Mr Sipilä said it would not happen next year. He, like the other EU leaders reminded that the 3 billion euros was not meant for Turkey but the refugees, for example for school, work visas, hygiene and health. Mr Sipilä also attended a meeting chaired by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel meant for countries under heavy refugee pressure.

Media:  Helsingin Sanomat

Date: 29.11.2015

Journalist: Virve Kähkönen

Main source: Juha Sipilä, Finland’s Prime Minister

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