Ilkka Kanerva would change decision-making: Security Council to Finland

Chair of the Finnish Parliament’s Defence Committee, MP Ilkka Kanerva (Coalition) proposes that Finland establish a security council, writes Verkkouutiset. The Council would deal with EU foreign affairs and Finnish internal security issues. The council would solve the problem of the President being officially outside decision-making regarding EU foreign, security, and defence affairs while being responsible for the management of these issues together with the government. As an example, Mr Kanerva mentions situations where the EU is defining its relationship with Russia. Moreover, the President as the Commander-in-chief of the Defence Forces should be more included in EU defence policy.

Media:  Verkkouutiset / Nykypäivä
Date: 26.10.2017
Journalist: Satu Schauman
Main source: MP Ilkka Kanerva, Chair of the Finnish Parliament’s Defence Committee

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