HS: National Coalition wants mandatory e-car charging stations at highway service stations

The National Coalition Party intends to present mandatory electric car charging points at highway service stations in the autumn when budget talks start. According to Foreign Trade and Development Minister Kai Mykkänen, one charging station would cost about EUR 20 000. He estimates that, as a whole, the reform would cost the state at maximum EUR 5 million. The government is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by half of the 2005 level. As part of the climate target, the government wants to increase the number of electric cars. This would also require a comprehensive charging network. « Finland could be the country that would first advance its fast-charging network so that service stations along the highways would always have an obligation to provide quick charging, » Mykkänen tells Helsingin Sanomat.

Media:  Demokraatti.fi
Date: 14.7.2017
Journalist: –
Main source: Kai Mykkänen/ foreign trade minister

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