High Representative Mogherini visited Finland

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini visited Finland on Wednesday and met with Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä, among others. According to Ms Mogherini, Finland’s presidency of the Council of the EU will be exceptionally important, as we are living in a time of change within Europe. She said that during that time, the EU will need leadership, which Finland will certainly show.

Mr Sipilä defined some of the main challenges as the European Parliament elections, forming the new European Commission and Brexit negotiations. Also the budget framework will require a great amount of work.

Finland will start as the presidency next summer. In addition to Finland’s Presidency in the European Union, they discussed hybrid threats, immigration and climate change, among other things.

Media:  Helsingin Sanomat, Ilkka
Date: 10.10.2018
Main source:

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