France may set the pace for the march

According to Aamulehti, the major European parties are looking ahead to the European elections. While the Parliament’s biggest groups EPP, S&D and ECR have already appointed Spitzenkandidats, ALDE is taking a different road and waiting until February to appoint a group of Spitzenkandidats.

ALDE is gaining an ally in French President Emmanuel Macron’s Republique en Marche party. This makes Macron a potential kingmaker in ALDE. MEP Anneli Jäätteenmäki (ALDE) said that this is normal cooperation between two parties and ALDE will be an opposing force to the strongly conservative EPP.

Brexit will increase France’s power in the Parliament. EPP is expected to maintain its position as the biggest party in the Parliament, but ALDE could become the third biggest due to the decreasing power of the S&D group.

Media:  Aamulehti (E-edition, PDF)
Date: 19.11.2018
Journalist: Markku Uhari
Main source:

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