Foreign minister Timo Soini comments on situation of deported orphan Zaki in Afghanistan: ”I understand this plight”

Foreign Minister Timo Soini commented on the situation of the 19-year old orphan Zaki, who has been deported to Afghanistan last week, at SuomiAreena. A woman in the audience asked Soini about what measures the authorities are taking to get the Afghan back to Finland as he is in danger in Afghanistan. Soini said he understands this plight. He reminded, however, that in Finland deportations are based on court decisions and that a minister cannot just interfere. Minister Kai Mykkänen commented at the same panel discussion that considers the meeting between presidents Trump and Putin at the G20 summit positive. The meeting had the potential to have dangerous elements. Mykkänen also assessed that Russia might be shifting its focus on the improvement of its economy after the foreign political disputes of recent years.

Media:  Helsingin Sanomat
Date: 10.7.2017
Journalist: Paavo Teittinen
Main source: Timo Soini/ foreign minister; Kai Mykkänen/ foreign trade minister

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