« Finland tries to water down parts of EU’s climate policy »

According to environmental organizations, Finland is trying to dilute the European Commission’s proposal for forestry is to be taken account in climate policy, Hufvudstadsbladet writes. The Finnish government plans to increase the harvesting of wood significantly, with most of the increase going to short-lived products that release carbon quickly. Minister of Environment and Energy Kimmo Tiilikainen says that increasing harvesting is good, as forest growth also increases. However, European scientist believe that short-term emissions will increase while long-term effects are unclear. According to Brussels-based environmental organization Fem, Sweden, France and Austria support Finland in trying to dilute the Commission’s proposal. Countries that profile themselves as pioneers in climate policy are quietly working in the opposite direction than the LULUCF.

’’Finland försöker urvattna delar av EU:s klimatpolitik”

Media:  Hufvudstadsbladet (E-edition, PDF)
Date: 23.5.2017
Journalist: Peter Buchert
Main source:

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