EVA report: Hard Brexit most likely – and best alternative for Finland


A report by the Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA finds that Brexit will likely take the form of a ‘hard Brexit’, which would also be the best alternative for Finland. The EU’s unity and a well-functioning internal market are very important to a small country like Finland and therefore it should not support the kind of ‘soft Brexit’ that would increase the risk of division within the EU, the report states. The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy has estimated that a hard Brexit would diminish the Finnish GDP by 0.25 percent in the early stages. Brexit would increase the influence of large EU member states, but the status of Finland and other middle-sized member states would hardly alter.

Media:  Talouselämä

Date: 25.11.2016

Journalist: Matti Virtanen

Main source: Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA

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