Editorial: Presidents have numerous topics to discuss

The editorial of Turun Sanomat discusses the meeting of the Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and the Russian President Vladimir Putin taking place in Savonlinna today. The two presidents met already in March but Ukraine was not mentioned then and it has been guessed whether the topic will be raised this time or not. The editorial thinks that it should be discussed to avoid any future incidents. Beside other topics, questions relating to the two countries’ economic relations will probably be on agenda as the counter-sanctions caused by the European Union’s sanctions set to Russia are harming Finland’s export of foods to the country. The meeting will have more meaning to President Niinistö than to President Putin who will mainly arrive to Finland to celebrate the country’s 100th anniversary. However, he will listen carefully what President Niinistö has to say about the EU’s current state as well as brexit’s effects.

Media:  Turun Sanomat (E-edition, PDF)
Date: 27.7.2017
Journalist: –
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