Maupertuis program: Call for proposals open

Maupertuis is a funding program to initiate and strengthen bilateral cooperation in science, innovation and higher education in the fields of interest for Finland and France. The call is open until 31st October 2020.

Three joint programs are now open:
1. French-Finnish Renowned Scientist Conference Series (FRSCS) 
2. Researchers Short Mobility program (RSM) 
3. “Higher Education, Research and Innovation” Workshop (ERI-W) 

The French Institute in Helsinki
The Embassy of France in Finland
The French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
The Finnish Society for Sciences and Letters
The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters

More information and applications forms

COVID – 19 : Voyager en Finlande cet été.

Vous souhaitez ou devez vous rendre en Finlande entre le 15 juin et le 14 juillet 2020 ? Voici les conditions d’accès au territoire, décidées par le gouvernement finlandais.

  • La Finlande a ouvert ses frontières avec les pays suivants: Norvège, Danemark, Islande, Estonie, Lettonie et Lituanie, depuis le 15 juin.
  • Le contrôle des frontières est maintenu entre la Finlande et les autres pays de l’Union Européenne, de l’espace Schengen (comme France), mais aussi entre la Finlande et les pays en dehors de l’Europe.

Alexander Stubb to run for European Commission Presidency

Vice President of the European Investment Bank Alexander Stubb has signed up for the race over the European People’s Party Spitzenkandidat and European Commission Presidency in the next European Elections. He said that he signed up for the race because of concern and love for Europe and concern and love for the world and world politics.

He thinks that liberalism is facing an attack, and Europe needs to defend its values, international law and system as well as facts. What comes to the technological revolution, he thinks that Europe needs to take measures through rules and legislation.

President Niinistö believes in practical collaboration: black carbon could be a suitable topic

In connection with the visit of the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö brought up practical deeds in easing tension between countries. He asked whether now would be a good time to build understanding within concrete civil issues as times are restless. As an example, he mentioned black carbon emissions: there is wide accord on their reduction. « I have been satisfied with the reception of the idea both in Moscow and Washington, » he said. The President added that he believes that practical everyday collaboration could lead to greater results than collaborating in projects.

Äänekoski plant’s official inauguration ceremony

Metsä Group’s bio product plant in Äänekoski was officially inaugurated on Wednesday. The opening speech was held by President Sauli Niinistö. The plant’s construction project was complicated but it was completed on time. In the future, the plant will produce pulp, as well as a significant amount of new bio products such as biocomposites. The plant’s value chain employs a total of 2,500 people and increases the value of Finland’s export by some EUR 500 million a year.

Media:  Kouvolan Sanomat (E-edition, PDF)
Date: 19.10.2017
Journalist: Teemu Luukka
Main source: –

New Arctic Council chair Finland will have to debate climate change wordings with irresolute Americans

The chairmanship of the Arctic Council will transfer from the United States to Finland during the summit beginning in Fairbanks, Alaska, on 10 May. The American hosts have had a difficult time before the summit as the United States does not currently have an official view on climate change. The situation has been difficult for the Finns as the other seven members of the council want to hold on to their climate views, and there have been attempts to solve the problem by finding wordings that even the Americans could accept. Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini believes a good result will be reached and expresses his satisfaction with the fact that all member states have accepted Finland’s agenda which focuses on environmental protection, education, meteorological co-operation and developing communications networks for Northern regions. Mr Soini is pleased that the chairmanship of the Arctic Council offers Finland a link to the new US administration.